Kevin has been composing, recording and producing samples for Patch Banks & Sound  since 2008. These samples are sections of songs designed to be sampled royalty free by other producers in their music. Kevin plays a variety of instruments as a one man band / orchestra to make the samples sound like a real record. He’s contributed to over 30 collections including some of the best selling products for the company. These packs often feature other contributors and range from 20-30 samples ranging between 30sec to 1min each

Who Sampled me youtube playlist – Skip around ⏩ credits below

Black Star – The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing

Vintage Cinema (piano viola bass guitar)

TI – About The Money ft. Young Thug
Soul Soup vol.2 (vibraphone, guitar. Very beginning and end of the song)

Freddie Gibbs, Madlib – Fake Names
Bootleg Cuts vol.4  (viola bass guitar in the beginning)
Low End theory vol. 2 (guitars, outro of the song)

Dizzy Wright – God Bless America
Sousoup vol.1 (Synth, rhodes, guitar bass throughout)

Lloyd Banks – Mind Over Matter
Bootleg cuts Vol.4 (bass, guitar, synth, piano)

Wale – The followers
Soulsoup vol.1 (rhodes, synths, guitars)

Ty Dolla Sign & Wiz Khalifa – Take It There
Vintage Cinema (Rhodes and synths)

Compton Av – Ghetto Ft Snoop Dogg
Soultown vol.1 (guitar and pianos)

LIBERTAD • KRM (viola guitar piano bass)
24/Siempre • Low End Theory vol.3 (synth, guitars, strings, bass)
BigH • Low End Theory vol.3 (Synths, guitars, piano, bass)

JZAC – Questions
Soul Soup vol.2 (vibraphone, guitar. throughout. Same sample as T.I. About the Money)

Sample packs

These are the collections Kevin has worked on to date.
Visit for audio and details.

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Patch banks demo 2013 – Clips from sample packs